How to Choose The Best New Tyres

In New Zealand, our roads are rugged. Choosing the best new tyres for your car, truck or vehicle is essential for safety and keeping maintenance cost minimal.

Tyres are potentially the most important item you buy for your vehicle. Tyres are the glue that holds you to the road, your last line of defence for safe motoring or safe operation of mobile equipment. Tyres are an essential check in a general service and Warrant of Fitness (WOF) inspection at our Christchurch automotive workshop Mighty Kiwi Commercial (MKC).

Tyre condition has a direct impact on the handling, fuel consumption and running cost of your vehicle. So, it is prudent to look after your tyres and take the right advice when purchasing a new tyre to ensure you are buying the right tyre for the right application. All tyres have tread patterns suited for different conditions, maximum speed and load ratings. 

So how do I select the right tyre?

Choosing a new tyre boils down to how you use your vehicle. Ask yourself the following ten questions to help you choose the best new tyres for your vehicle. 

  1. Do you enjoy off-roading?
  2. Do you do a lot of towing?
  3. Do you carry heavy loads?
  4. Do you like to drive fast?
  5. Do you do lots open road driving?
  6. Do you a lot of around town driving, is your vehicle an A to B vehicle?
  7. Do you require more grip?
  8. Do you have commercial needs?
  9. Is it going on a trailer?
  10. Is cost the main factor?
How do I read a tyre size and type?

You will find numbers written on the side wall of the tyre for example: 225 60 R16 H98. Below is what they mean.  R Stands for radial which is to do with its construction.

How to read a tyre size and type

Rims are also important, having the correct size and off set. By increasing or decreasing the rim diameter you can potentially increase your wheels’ rolling circumference away from your manufacturer’s specification.

Checking your wheel alignment annually is good form or when you get new tyres fitted, because throughout the year we all drive over pot holes and do a bit of gutter surfing that can knock your wheel alignment out.

If you need more help in choosing the best new tyres for your vehicle and needs then come and chat with us down at the Mighty Kiwi Commercial Automotive workshop in Christchurch and we can guide you to make the right choice.