Car Battery Advice: Car Batteries in Christchurch

It’s that time of the year again in Christchurch when your car battery finds it harder to get its morning started! Car batteries are like us in winter. Your vehicle’s engine requires more power to start when the temperatures are colder and those temperatures make it harder for your battery to provide power. If your battery is under the weather, then hard starting and excessive cranking can impact the motor and electrical systems.

Give it shelter

Keeping your vehicle in the garage when it’s not being used will protect it from the cold. Starting it will be a lot easier, putting less strain on the battery. It can even be economical: improving fuel consumption. If you do not have an overnight home for your vehicle be sure to give it time to warm up the next morning.

Keep your battery clean & tidy

Keep your battery’s terminals clean and tight. The terminals are a common place for corrosion or buildup. This can stop the battery’s current from effectively reaching the rest of the vehicle. In most instances, the buildup can be scraped away using a screwdriver. Use a rag to remove dirt from the casing of your car battery. Ensure the battery is fixed securely – vibration can cause damage to a battery’s case and plates. At MKC we ensure all terminals, cables, post and fasteners are in good shape and cleaned regularly during every major service.

Listen to the start-up sound

Listen out for slow cranking when you start the car – it could be the sign of a weak battery. If this happens, contact Mighty Kiwi Commercial. If the car battery is too weak to provide enough voltage to the starter, the engine will click rather than cranking over. The clicking could indicate that the battery is not fully charged and gives us starting point for diagnosing it further.

Check the age of your battery

Older car batteries are more likely to have problems in winter and they’re less likely to recover after going flat. If your battery is more than three years old, it may need replacing. Come and see us at MKC if you are unsure.

Receive a Winter Safety Check

Your car needs to be in its best possible condition over winter. All the harsh winter road conditions and hazards can increase driving hazards exponentially. Get your vehicle checked in order to keep you and your family and friends (plus other motorists) safe on the roads.

We can perform specific electrical tests on your car’s battery which show its true condition. In winter, there are much more electrical loads on your car’s battery charging system. For example, you use the headlights, heater, front and rear demisters, wipers and other electrical loads far more in winter than any other season. A charging system that is working well in the milder seasons may struggle in winter to keep up. Bring it in to Mighty Kiwi Commercial for a check.

Get your vehicle serviced regularly

Regular servicing can greatly improve your driving experience, especially in the winter. Our team can check over your battery, brakes, lights, wipers and tyres so that you can take preventative measures and keep your vehicle safe during winter. At Mighty Kiwi Commercial in Christchurch we’re more than happy to check your vehicle and keep you and your family travelling safely throughout winter.