Tyre fitting & wheel alignments

Do things feel a bit out of line? Or are you constantly fighting with your car to keep it on the straight?
And you’re noticing that your tyres starting to wear unevenly?

Wheel alignment can change by simply hitting a pothole, having faulty suspension or any number of other reasons. Having the correct wheel alignment is important when it comes to the safety and the lifespan of your tyres; even your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Our workshop is fully equipped with the latest in wheel aligment machinery and diagnostics equipment. We also feature a designated truck tyre area and an additional car tyre bay.

Along with alignment, having your vehicle fitted with a good set of tyres plays an important role in the safety and performance of your vehicle. Mighty Kiwi stock a range of affordable new tyres to fit your car, 4WD, van or commercial vehicle.

If you’re questioning your vehicle’s wheel alignment, bring it to Mighty Kiwi for a check – we’ll keep your tyres on the straight and narrow.