Car Battery Advice: Car Batteries in Christchurch

car battery with jumper leads

It’s that time of the year again in Christchurch when your car battery finds it harder to get its morning started! Car batteries are like us in winter. Your vehicle’s engine requires more power to start when the temperatures are colder and those temperatures make it harder for your battery to provide power. If your…

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How to Choose The Best New Tyres

Diagram showing how to read the markings on your tyres

In New Zealand, our roads are rugged. Choosing the best new tyres for your car, truck or vehicle is essential for safety and keeping maintenance cost minimal. Tyres are potentially the most important item you buy for your vehicle. Tyres are the glue that holds you to the road, your last line of defence for…

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WOF and Service Essentials: Auxiliary Belts

In New Zealand, we all know how important seat belts are for the safety of passengers – but what about auxiliary belts hidden within your car, truck or vehicle? What is an auxiliary belt? Why are auxiliary belts Warrant Of Fitness (WOF) and service essentials at our Christchurch automotive workshop? Well, belts hold a lot…

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